MP9-20922K 3x246UF500VAC


MP9-20922K 3x246UF500VAC

ABB special capacitor for wind power converter, model MP9-20922K/3 * 246UF500VAC/high stability, large current, high voltage, market certified, ABB special capacitor for wind power


Shanghai Gongpin Industry provides the following ABB special capacitors


UL9-20833K( 5100UF,1000VDC)


MP9-20922K 3x123UF+-10% 500VAC


MP9-20979K 3x70UF+-10% 500VAC/900VDC


MP9-20982K 3x33UF+-10% 690VAC/1100VDC


We can provide customized services according to user requirements,


According to the characteristics of users’ industry projects, design technical solutions, set product goals, and formulate delivery plans


Customizable products include various power capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, mica capacitors, etc

Provide technical requirements according to different product categories: electrical parameters, mechanical interfaces and special requirements


The product specification questionnaire can be provided to facilitate the user to prepare the corresponding parameter information


Provide international, domestic or industrial standards for reference


After the design scheme is provided, the design can be adjusted according to user requirements


The drawings (PDF format), 3D models and product performance specifications of the designed products shall be provided after the confirmation of the design scheme;


Confirmation of drawings and performance specifications by both parties


Both parties shall sign and confirm the test contents and requirements of products


After design confirmation, enter the sample production stage, and produce samples according to the quantity required by users


At the client testing stage, the sample shall analyze and adjust the problems or conditions in the test at any time


The design is frozen after the test; Both parties sign on the final drawings and specifications for confirmation


Take the final drawings and specifications signed and confirmed by both parties as the basis and requirements for mass production products


Provide corresponding test reports according to the test contents and time nodes confirmed by both parties in the design confirmation stage


MP9-20983K 3x40UF+-10% 690VAC/1100VDC


MP9-20980K 3x87UF+-10% 500VAC/900VDC


MP9-20976K 3x174UF+-10% 500VAC


MP9-20981K 3x24UF+-10% 690VAC/1100VDC


MP9-20977K 3x80UF+-10% 690VAC/1100VDC

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