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ELECTRONICON capacitor E50. R23-175N11


German ELECTRONICON capacitor, E50. R23-175N11, rated current 100A, available

The smallest inductance can be directly installed on the printed circuit board or bus. Our advanced proprietary technology in the evaporation and plating of special capacitor film, as well as our years of experience in capacitor design and manufacturing, enable us to develop this series of capacitors. Compared with electrolytic capacitors, it has many advantages: superior voltage and current strength greatly improve the operating life, power dissipation loss The self inductance and series resistance achieve the minimum manufacturing tolerance and more accurately eliminate the shared resistance. Because the inductance is very low and can be directly installed between the bus and the radiator, E61 and E53-H capacitors are particularly suitable for the high operating frequency of modern silicon carbide circuits. With its continuous rated current of up to 75A, they must be able to meet the severe challenges of buffer circuits. In addition, E61 series applies the efficiency of highly reliable PK16 technology to lower power DC support circuits, and capacitors can be directly integrated to the circuit board. In the enclosure made of self extinguishing plastic, the capacitor element is encapsulated by solid resin. Capacitors can be connected through solid M6 female terminals (E61-P5, E53-H2), M8 bolts (E53-H1) or pins suitable for the circuit board (E61-P3).

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