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薄膜电容器 POLY MET 100V 10uF


薄膜电容器 POLY MET 100V 10uF
Type 935, Polypropylene Capacitors for High Frequency Filtering
High Current Capacitors for Switching Power Supplies
pe 935 metallized polypropylene capacitors are designed for
ering applications in switching power supplies that operate
the 20-100 kHz range. Their low ESR, high current and high
pacitance gives them an advantage over general purpose types.
s series is UL recognized for construction only under UL File
Cornell Dubilier:
935C2W10K-F 935C4W10K-F 935C1W10K-F 935C1W30K-F 935C1W5K-F 935C2W5K-F 935C4W5K-F
935C1W1K-F 935C2W1K-F 935C4W1K-F 935C1W20K-F 935C2W20K-F 935C4W3K-F 935C2W3K-F 935C1W3K-
F 935C2W2K-F 935C4W2K-F 935C1W2K-F 935H2W20K-F

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