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薄膜电容器 3kV .15uF 940C16P15K-F


Cornell Dubilier – CDE 薄膜电容器 3kV .15uF
Type 940, Polypropylene Capacitors, for Pulse, Snubber
High dV/dt for Snubber Applications
pe 940 round, axial leaded film capacitors have polypropylene
m and dual metallized electrodes for both self healing
operties and high peak current carrying capability (dV/dt). This
ries features low ESR characteristics, excellent high frequency
nd high voltage capabilities.
Cornell Dubilier:
940C16W1P5K-F 940C12W1K-F 940C16P1K-F 940C20S22K-F 940C8W1P5K-F 940C8W2K-F 940C16P15K-F
940C10P15K-F 940C16W1K-F 940C20P56K-F 940C6W4P7K-F 940C30S1K-F 940C30S47K-F 940C20S47K-F
940C16P33K-F 940C10P33K-F 940C20P33K-F 940C20P68K-F 940C30P15K-F 940C8W2P5K-F 940C8W2P2K-F
940C6P22K-F 940C8W1K-F 940C8P47K-F 940C30S22K-F 940C12P15K-F 940C10P68K-F 940C20W1K-F
940C10W1K-F 940C20P47K-F 940C16P47K-F 940C12P47K-F 940C10P47K-F 940C10W2K-F 940C30P1K-F
940C20P1K-F 940C12P1K-F 940C20P22K-F 940C16P22K-F 940C12P22K-F 940C10P22K-F 940C30S33K-F
940C12P33K-F 940C8P68K-F 940C30S15K-F 940C20P15K-F 940C6P15K-F 940C8P33K-F 940C20S33K-F
940C6W1K-F 940C6P1K-F 940C6P68K-F 940C6W3P3K-F 940C16P68K-F 940C8P15K-F 940C12P68K-F
940C10W1P5K-F 940C8P22K-F 940C12W1P5K-F 940C6W2K-F 940C6W1P5K-F 940C6P33K-F 940C6P47K-F
940C30S68K-F 940C20S68K-F

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