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薄膜电容器 .1uF 3.5% 1000volts


薄膜电容器 .1uF 3.5% 1000volts
AC and Pulse Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
FEATURES seating
• 10 mm to 27.5 mm pitch plane (1)
• Supplied loose in box (including lock leadversions) and taped
• Bent back version for automatic insertionavailable
BFC237523243 BFC237533103 BFC237532113 BFC237532183 BFC237532682 BFC237533123 BFC237523433
BFC237523363 BFC237523163 BFC237523223 BFC237523333 BFC237522203 BFC237533153 BFC237533562
BFC237532163 BFC237532153 BFC237523303 BFC237533472 BFC237522363 BFC237532562 BFC237532472
BFC237533822 BFC237533133 BFC237523273 BFC237522223 BFC237533163 BFC237522273 BFC237532103
BFC237522433 BFC237533622 BFC237533113 BFC237533682 BFC237523393 BFC237533912 BFC237533752
BFC237532512 BFC237522183 BFC237532752 BFC237533183 BFC237532622 BFC237522243 BFC237533512
BFC237532912 BFC237523183 BFC237522333 BFC237532133 BFC237532822 BFC237522393 BFC237532123
BFC237522163 BFC237523203 BFC237522303 BFC237565243 BFC237542302 BFC237563152 BFC237585102
BFC237584122 BFC237565562 BFC237561243 BFC237542562 BFC237591006 BFC237573362 BFC237584182
BFC237543622 BFC237591055 BFC237512913 BFC237575103 BFC237561242 BFC237591056 BFC237591061
BFC237591073 BFC237591074 BFC237591078 BFC237591083 BFC237591203 BFC237591204 BFC237591221
BFC237591237 BFC237591273 BFC237591291 BFC237591301 BFC237591075 BFC237591104 BFC237591218
BFC237591087 BFC237591106 BFC237591202 BFC237591205 BFC237591246 BFC237591264 BFC237591293
BFC237591067 BFC237591105 BFC237591211 BFC237591212 BFC237591286 BFC237591288 BFC237591238
BFC237591241 BFC237591242


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