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Vishay / BC Components 薄膜电容器 BFC237872123


Vishay / BC Components 薄膜电容器 .3uF 5% 630volts
AC and Pulse Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
MKP/MKP Radial Potted Type
• Where steep pulses occur e.g. SMPS (switchmode power supplies)
• Motor control circuits
BFC237852105 BFC237842155 BFC237842335 BFC237852224 BFC237862124 BFC237862563 BFC237862623
BFC237865563 BFC237865623 BFC237872123 BFC237872133 BFC237872153 BFC237872163 BFC237875123
BFC237875133 BFC237875153 BFC237875163 BFC237875183 BFC237890042 BFC237890043 BFC237890044
BFC237890046 BFC237890047 BFC237890048 BFC237890051 BFC237890052 BFC237890053 BFC237890055
BFC237890056 BFC237890057 BFC237890059 BFC237890061 BFC237890062 BFC237890064 BFC237890065
BFC237890066 BFC237890068 BFC237890069 BFC237890071 BFC237890132 BFC237842105

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