KEMET 薄膜电容器 300V 0.33uF


KEMET 薄膜电容器 300V 0.33uF
Metallized Polypropylene Film EMI Suppression Capacitors
R41, Class X1/Y2, 300 VAC, 110°C (Automotive Grade)
• Approvals: ENEC, UL, cUL, CQC
• Class X1 / Y2 (IEC 60384-14)
• Rated voltage: 300 VAC 50/60 Hz
• Capacitance range: 0.001 – 1 µF
• Lead spacing: 10 – 37.5 mm
• Capacitance tolerance: ±20%, ±10%
• Climatic category: 40/110/56, IEC 60068–1
• Tape and reel in accordance with IEC 60286–2
• RoHS Compliant and lead-free terminations
• Operating temperature range of −40˚C to +110˚C
• 100% screening factory test at 5,000 VDC/2,500 VAC
• Self-healing properties
• Automotive (AEC–Q200) grades available up to
22.5 mm Lead Spacing
R413N310000M1M R413N310000M1K R413N3100DQ00M R413I2220DQM1K R413I2150JCM1M
R413I22200000K R413F11000000M R413F12200000M R413F13300000M R413F147000M1M R413I21000000M
R413I22200000M R413F11500000K R413F12205000M R413F1330CK00M R413F147040M1M R413F147050M1M
R413I14700000M R413I14704000M R413I21000000K R413I21005000K R413I21005000M R413I2100DQ00K
R413I2100JH00M R413I2100JU00M R413I21504000M R413I22204000M R413I22205000K R413I22205000M
R413I2220JB00M R413I2220JU00M R413I23300000M R413I23304000M R413I2330DQ00K R413I2330JU00M
R413I24700000K R413I24700000M R413I24704000M R413I2470JU00M R413N31004000K R413N3100DQ00K
R4133N3100DQ00M R413R33300000M R413I2220DQ00K R413F14705000M R413N24704000K R413F1100JY00K
R413I2150JE00M R413I22704000M R413R3330JB00M R413F13300000K R413I2220JH00M R413F16800000M
R413F1470DQM1K R413F1100JY00M R413F1330DQ00M R413N31005000M R413I21500000K R413F1330JU00M
R413F1680DQ00M R413F11000000K R413F1470JY00K R413I2330DQM1M R413N32204000M R413I21505000M
R413F14700000K R413N3100JB00M R413N3150JHM1M R413F1100CK00M R413F12704000M
R413N2470JP00M R413N2470DQ00K R413F1470JBM1M R413F1250JY00M R413F1470JY00M
R413R3220JE00M R413I16800000M R413I21505000K R413N31000000K R413N2680JU00M R413W3470JB00M
R413F1220JY00M R413I2100CK00M R413F1470JYM1M R413N3220JU00M R413I13300000M R413I2100JU00K
R413F1470JHM1K R413F1330JH00M R413N3100CK00M R413N31000000M R413I2330DQ00M
R413F1100JU00M R413I1470DQ00K R413F1470DQ00M R413N31500000M R413F1680JH00M
R413F1470CKM1M R413I247050M1M R413N2470JU00M


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