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薄膜电容器 SMD-PPS 0.33 uF 400 VDC


薄膜电容器 SMD-PPS 0.33 uF 400 VDC
Metallized Polyphenylene-Sulphide (PPS) SMD Film Capacitors with
Box Encapsulation. Capacitances from 0.01 mF to 2.2 mF.
Rated Voltages from 63 VDC to 1000 VDC. Size Codes from 1812 to 6054.
˜ Size codes 1812, 2220, 2824,
4030,5040 and 6054 with PPSand encapsulated
Capacitance range: 0.01 mF to 2.2 mF
Rated voltages:63 VDC, 100 VDC, 250 VDC, 400 VDC,
Test voltage:1.6 U , 2 sec.Voltage derating:
˜ Operating temperature up to 140° C 630 VDC, 1000 VDC
For DC and AC voltages a voltage
derating factor of 1% per K must be
applied from +100+ C and of 2% per K
from +125+ C.
Reliability:Operational life 300 000 hours
Failure rate 2 fit (0.5 x Ur and 40+ C)
SMDIC02100KA00JQ00 SMDIC02100KA00KQ00 SMDIC02100KA00MQ00 SMDIC02100QA00KP00
SMDIC02150KA00JQ00 SMDIC02150KA00KQ00 SMDIC02150KA00MQ00 SMDIC02220KA00JQ00
SMDIC02220KA00KQ00 SMDIC02220KA00MQ00 SMDIC02220QA00KP00 SMDIC02330KA00JQ00
SMDIC02330KA00KQ00 SMDIC02330KA00MQ00 SMDIC02330QA00KP00 SMDIC02470KA00KP00
SMDIC02470QA00JQ00 SMDIC02470QA00KP00 SMDIC02470QA00KQ00 SMDIC02470QA00MQ00
SMDIC02680QA00JQ00 SMDIC02680QA00KQ00 SMDIC02680QA00MQ00 SMDIC03100TA00KQ00
SMDIC03100KA00KP00 SMDIC03100QA00JQ00 SMDIC03100QA00KQ00 SMDIC03100QA00MQ00
SMDIC03150TA00JQ00 SMDIC03150TA00KQ00 SMDIC03150TA00MQ00 SMDIC03150KB00KP00
SMDIC03220TB00JQ00 SMDIC03220TB00KQ00 SMDIC03220TB00MQ00 SMDIC03220KB00KP00
SMDIC03330TB00JQ00 SMDIC03330TB00KQ00 SMDIC03330TB00MQ00 SMDIC03470TB00JQ00
SMDIC03470TB00KQ00 SMDIC03470TB00MQ00 SMDIC03680VA00KR00 SMDIC03680TB00KQ00
SMDIC04100VA00KR00 SMDIC04100TB00KQ00 SMDID02100KA00JQ00 SMDID02100KA00KQ00
SMDID02100KA00MQ00 SMDID02150KA00JQ00 SMDID02150KA00KQ00 SMDID02150KA00MQ00
SMDID02220KA00JQ00 SMDID02220KA00KQ00 SMDID02220KA00MQ00 SMDID02330TA00KQ00
SMDID02330QA00JQ00 SMDID02330QA00KQ00 SMDID02330QA00MQ00 SMDID02470KA00KP00
SMDID02470QA00JQ00 SMDID02470QA00KQ00 SMDID02470QA00MQ00 SMDID02680TA00KQ00
SMDID02680QA00JQ00 SMDID02680QA00KQ00 SMDID02680QA00MQ00 SMDID03100TA00JQ00
SMDID03100TA00KQ00 SMDID03100TA00MQ00 SMDID03100TA00MS00 SMDID03100QA00KP00
SMDID03150TA00JQ00 SMDID03150TA00KQ00 SMDID03150TA00MQ00 SMDID03220TB00JQ00
SMDID03220TB00KQ00 SMDID03220TB00MQ00 SMDID03220QB00KP00 SMDID03330TB00JQ00
SMDID03330TB00KQ00 SMDID03330TB00MQ00 SMDID03470TB00JQ00 SMDID03470TB00KQ00
SMDID03470TB00MQ00 SMDID04150YA00KT00 SMDIF02100QA00JQ00 SMDIF02100QA00KQ00
SMDIF02100QA00MQ00 SMDIF02150QA00JQ00 SMDIF02150QA00KQ00 SMDIF02150QA00MQ00
SMDIF02220QA00JQ00 SMDIF02220QA00KQ00 SMDIF02220QA00MQ00 SMDIF02330TA00JQ00
SMDIF02330TA00KQ00 SMDIF02330TA00MQ00 SMDIF02470TB00JQ00 SMDIF02470TB00KQ00


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