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薄膜电容器 SNMPW032207FD2KSS


薄膜电容器 0.22uF 10% 3000V
nubber MKP Capacitors for Pulse Applications with Double-Sided
Metallized Electrodes and Internal Series Connection. Capacitances
from 0.047 mF to 8.0 mF. Rated Voltages from 700 VDC to 3000 VDC.
˜ Pulse duty construction
˜ Self-healing
˜ Internal series connection
˜ Very low dissipation factor
˜ Negative capacitance change
Operational life 300 000 hours
Failure rate 1 fit (0.5 x Ur and 40) C)
Specific dissipation:
˜ AEC-Q200 qualified
˜ According to RoHS

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