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薄膜电容器 400VAC 5kvar 83uF


薄膜电容器 400VAC 5kvar 83uF
Film capacitors – Power Factor Correction
PhiCap capacitors
Dielectric: metallized polypropylene film
Semi-dry; biodegradable soft resin; non-PCB
Case: extruded round aluminum can withstud
Mounting and grounding: threaded M12 stud
on bottom of can
Degree of protection: IP00 (optionally IP54
with terminal cover; additional cable gland at
cable entry required)
Single phase, provided with discharge resistors
Dual safety system: overpressure
disconnector, self-healing technology
Naturally air cooled (or forced air cooling)
Indoor mounting Typical applications
For Power Factor Correction Terminals
Fast-on terminals Mounting
Threaded stud at bottom of can

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