Vishay / BC Components薄膜电容器 .47uF 2% 250volts


Vishay / BC Components薄膜电容器 .47uF 2% 250volts
Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MKP Radial Potted Typev
FEATURESfpa l w 5, 10 and 15 mm lead pitch. Supplied loose in box,
in ammopack and taped on reel. Intermediate
values are available of the E96 seriese3 Lead (Pb)-free product
RoHS-compliant product COMPLIANT h lt CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE± 5 %; ± 2 %
RATED (DC) VOLTAGEØ dt 63 V; 160 V; 250 V; 400 V; 630 V
BFC241890002 BFC241890016 BFC241601004 BFC241601005 BFC241601104 BFC241601105 BFC241601204
BFC241601304 BFC241601504 BFC241601604 BFC241601804 BFC241602004 BFC241602204 BFC241602404
BFC241602704 BFC241603004 BFC241603304 BFC241603603 BFC241603604 BFC241603903 BFC241603904
BFC241604303 BFC241604304 BFC241604703 BFC241604704 BFC241605103 BFC241605104 BFC241605603
BFC241605604 BFC241606203 BFC241606204 BFC241606803 BFC241606804 BFC241607503 BFC241607504
BFC241608203 BFC241608204 BFC241609103 BFC241609104 BFC241631004 BFC241631104 BFC241631204
BFC241631304 BFC241631504 BFC241631604 BFC241631804 BFC241632004 BFC241632204 BFC241632404
BFC241632704 BFC241633603 BFC241633903 BFC241634303 BFC241634703 BFC241635103 BFC241635603
BFC241636203 BFC241636803 BFC241637503 BFC241638203 BFC241639103 BFC241661005 BFC241661105
BFC241663004 BFC241663304 BFC241663604 BFC241663904 BFC241664304 BFC241664704 BFC241665104
BFC241665604 BFC241666204 BFC241666804 BFC241667504 BFC241668204 BFC241669104 BFC241701004
BFC241701005 BFC241701104 BFC241701105 BFC241701204 BFC241701304 BFC241701504 BFC241701604
BFC241701804 BFC241702004 BFC241702204 BFC241702403 BFC241702404 BFC241702703 BFC241702704
BFC241703003 BFC241703004 BFC241703303 BFC241703304 BFC241703603 BFC241703604 BFC241703903
BFC241703904 BFC241704303

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