Cornell Dubilier – CDE 薄膜电容器 5uF 400


Cornell Dubilier – CDE 薄膜电容器 5uF 400
The 735P series is designed and manufactured for use in many
demanding power applications. They are non-inductively wound
using the most reliable metallized polypropylene film available.
A wide range of capacitance values, voltage ratings, lead
terminations and sizes offer the designer an array of options to
best meet the form, fit and function requirements specified.
– Excellent AC performance
– Low power dissipation
– Low dielectric absorption
– Low ESR
– Close tolerance
– High stability
– High ripple to 30 A
– Compliant to RoHS directive
Cornell Dubilier:
735P105X9400L 735P505X9400L 735P305X9400L 735P205X9400L 735P105X9200L 735P106X9400L
735P105X9100L 735P205X9200L

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