Cornell Dubilier – CDE 薄膜电容器 4.7uF 400V 10%


Cornell Dubilier – CDE 薄膜电容器 4.7uF 400V 10%
Axial Leaded Metallized Polypropylene Capacitor
High Current Flat Axial Leaded Capacitors
flat axial leaded meltallized polypropylene capaci-
tors are designed for 20 to 100 kHz switching power supply
input filtering, DC blocking and output filter applications
where high current, high capacitance and low ESR values
are important. Dry sections are sealed with flame retandant
outer wrap and epoxy end seals for moisture resistance.
• Low ESR
• High current
Capacitance Range
• Flame retardant outer wrap and end seals
Cornell Dubilier:
936C4W1K-F 936C4W4P7K-F 936C4W6P8K-F 936C4W3P3K-F 936C4W2K-F

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