KEMET 薄膜电容器 63volts 100uF


KEMET 薄膜电容器 63volts 100uF 10%
General Purpose Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors
R60, Radial, 10.0 – 37.5 mm Lead Spacing,50 – 1,000 VDC (Automotive Grade)
Typical applications include blocking, coupling, decoupling,
bypassing and interference suppression in low voltage
applications such as automotive. Not suitable for across-
• Voltage range: 50 – 1,000 VDC
• Capacitance range: 0.001 – 150.0 µF
• Lead spacing: 10.0 – 37.5 mm
• Capacitance tolerance: ±5%, ±10%, ±20%
• Climatic category: 55/105/56
• Operating temperature range of −55°C to +105°C
• RoHS compliance and lead (Pb)-free terminations
• Tape and reel packaging in accordance with IEC 60286–2
R60PR3470AA40K R60DI4220AA30K R60EI4100AA30J R60EI4100AA30K R60EI4220AA30K R60GF3220AA6AK
R60IF3100AA3AK R60IF3100AA6AJ R60IF3100AA6AK R60II3220AA30K R60II3330AA30K R60II3470AA30K
R60II41005030J R60II4100AA30K R60IN4100AA30K R60MF2470AA6AJ R60MI3100AA30J R60MI3100AA30K
R60MI3150AA30K R60MN3470AA30K R60PF2100AA6AK R60PI2470AA30K R60PI3100AA30K R60PN3100AA30K
R60QF1100AA01K R60DF4100506AJ R60DF4220506AJ R60DF4330506AJ R60DR52205040J R60EF4100506AJ
R60EI42205030J R60ER51005040J R60GF3220506AJ R60IF3100506AJ R60MI32205040J R60MI3220AA40K
R60MN41005040J R60PF2100506AJ R60MI34705040J R60IR4470AA40K R60IR4220AA30K R60IR44705040J
R60MR4100AA30K R60MR4100JP30K R60MR4470AA40K R60PR3470AA40J R60MR4100AA30J
R60MR4220AA40K R60QR3220AA30K R60GR5150AA40K R60PR4100AA50K R60DR5100AA30K
R60IN4220AA30J R60MR4100JH30K R60IN41005030K R60GI3680AA30K R60PI2330AA30K R60MN4100AA30K
R60MN3330CK30J R60IN3680AA30K R60DI43304030K R60IN3680JC30M R60MN41005030K R60PF2330AA30K
R60II3680AA30K R60PR3680AA30K R60EW6150AA00K R60II4100ZE30J R60DN4470AA30K R60QN2470AA00K
R60DI4560ZD30M R60MN3330JH30K R60II41005030K R60IW5220AA30K R60EI4220ZN30K R60GI4220AA30K
R60MR4220AA30K R60GI4100AA30J R60GN4470AA30J R60EI4330AA30J R60DR5150AA40K R60GF3220JL6AK
R60EI4470AA30K R60IR4330AA40K R60MN4100JE30J R60MI34704030J R60PF2470SH30M R60PR36805040J
R60DN4680AA30K R60II3680JH30J R60EN4330CK30K R60PF2100MR30K R60II3330AA30J R60PN3150AA30J
R60MN4100AA40K R60PF2100DQ30K R60QR3680AA40M R60IR4680AA40K R60GR51505040J R60IN4150AA30J

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